Digital Photo Frame



- 7 inch TFT LCD
- File format: JPEG
- SD/MMC/MS/XD card slot


  • 17.5cm (7 inch) TFT LCD screen
  • SD/MMC/MS/XD card slot
  • Slideshow supporting JPEG files
  • Supports high resolutionPhotos
  • Slideshow intervals Adjustable
  • Auto play when inserting memory card
  • Buttons for easy control of necessary functions
  • Easy operation
  • Supports upright and sideways positioning
  • Hook eyes for wall mounting
  • Beautiful acrylic frame


  • Please use the 5V DC power adapter supplied with this product.
  • Please remove the power adapter from the mains outlet before cleaning the unit.
  • Clean the case, acrylic frame, LCD screen and buttons with slightly damp, soft cloth
    Do not use coarse cloth, sprayer or chemical cleanners such as alcohol, benzene, etc.
    Do not allow residue to enter the DC power socket or SD slot.