LED Projector



- Mini LED Projector
- Resolution: 557x234 or 480x240
- Small size and light weight
- Input video signal: AV, SD card
- The cheapest projector


  • Very hot product in CES 2008 Las Vegas, USA
  • User can lie down on the bed to watch movie / TV from ceiling.
  • Watch big screen clearly but pay much less. Save money and save space.
  • Life of LED is 50,000 hours; no extra future cost to change lamp more than 10 years
  • Connected with Digital TV STB, MP4,Kara OK for singing, it becomes TV screen
  • Connect with small TV set to enlarge TV screen directly.
  • Connect with DVD player, Game engine and so on through AV input.
  • User friendly and portable - Simple operation, Small size and Light weight
  • Target: DVD movie audiences; Game fans; small TV watchers; Students at dorm; simple home theater lovers ...


  • Light: LED (no trouble for lamp change)
  • Input of DVD projector: AVI (like DVD player, Game, Wii and any with AV interface)
  • Resolution: 557x234 or 480x240
  • Picture size at projection distance: 21 inches at 1 m;
    about 40"@2 meters, 52"@3 meters
  • Projection distance: 0.6~6m (Max. projective size: 80 inches)
  • Speaker: 2x2W
  • Weight: 1Kg (2.1 lb)
  • Size: 18 x 11 x 5.5 cm