USB AC/Car/Phone Charger



- USB Solar Charger
- High Power LED
- Power Detection


  • With a built-in Li battery inside solar energy charger, which adopts the effective Silica solar panel, is a kind of back source for the digital products. In the sun, the built-in battery can charge many kinds of cell phones, MP3, MP4 and IPOD, which can be carried on. It can also charge the built-in Li battery for cell phones and carry-on digital products at night or inside the house. The product is furnished a charge adapter in order to charge the built-in Li battery without the sunlight.


  • Solar energy battery: power 0.65W, Voltage 5.5V
  • Charging output of Voltage: 5.6 ± 0.1 V
  • Charging output of electric current: 250~600MAH
    (Varies by different models of cell phones)
  • Built-in battery: 1500 MAH Li battery
  • DC charge output plug: applicable USB plug
  • product Size: 114.5mm × 76.0mm × 14.0mm


  • 1 DC plug, 5 charging switches, a package